EU@60: Countering a Regressive & Illiberal Europe

Janis A. Emmanouilidis


Brussels 10/2016


Countering a regressive & illiberal Europe

The paper was published on 13 October 2016 on the occasion of the EPC's 20th Anniversary Conference (

The paper poses four basic/simple questions: Where do we stand? What can we expect in the years to come? What is the biggest threat? And how could we respond? In a telegraphic style, here the answers: the poly-crisis remains unresolved and the EU suffers form the collateral damage caused by it; in the foreseeable future, we can expect more of the same: muddling through (which is not standstill!), although we don't know how ambitious it will be; the biggest threat, the paper argues, is the danger of a more 'regressive & illiberal Europe' in which key values, orientations, norms and principles are being undermined; a danger which is fueled by the polarisation of societies and multiple securities creating dividing lines between the (potential and perceived) 'winners and losers of change'; and with respect to the 'what could be done?', we express a number of guiding thoughts directed at both the European and national level (where most things will have to be done), although we don't pretend to have the (right) answer. 

Download available here

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