Current Projects

Director of Studies and Head of the European Politics and Institutions (EPI) programme at the European Policy Centre.

Co-responsible for the New Pact for Europe project, which is supported by an international conrtium of European foundations and aims to promote a Europe-wide debate about the future of Europe. For more information about the project see here:

Responsible for the EU Politics and Governance Forum run by the European Policy Centre (EPC). This Forum monitors and analyses developments in the institutional reform debate, and looks for ways to enrich that debate with innovative thinking about the current and long-term governance of an EU of 27-plus members.

Co-responsible on behalf of the European Policy Centre (EPC) for conceptualizing and managing the Brussels Think Tank Dialogue organized by leading Brussels based think tanks. The first meeting of the Dialogue took place in January 2010, the second in January 2011, and the next one is scheduled for early 2012. The list of participating think tanks include the following: Bertelsmann Stiftung, Bruegel, Centre for European Studies (CEPS), Confrontations Europe, Egmont Institute, European Policy Centre (EPC), Friends of Europe-Les amis de l’Europe, Institut français des relations internationales (Ifri), Madariaga-College of Europe Foundation, and Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP). 

Responsible for the EPC's participation in the Think Global - Act European project organized by Notre Europe. The project brings together 15 leading European think tanks with the aim of making recommendations to the EU's next trio presidency including Poland, Denmark, and Cyprus. The next TGAE report is scheduled to be published in Spring 2011.

Co-editing together with Loukas Tsoukalis a volume entitled The Delphic Oracle on Europe to be published by Oxford University Press (forthcoming Spring 2011). The idea for this book was born at the 6th European Seminar of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) held in Delphi on 25-28 June 2009. The edited volume is divided into three parts: Part One focuses on the Union's institutions and the question of leadership in an EU27+. Part Two concentrates on the key elements of a new internal socio-economic consensus. And Part Three discusses the stakes in the agonising search for the EU's global role in a post-Lisbon and post-crisis world. Authors include Josep Borrell Fontelles, Jonas Condomines Beraud, Olaf Cramme, Janis A. Emmanouilidis, Dieter Helm, Philippe Herzog, Jolyon Howorth, Zaki Laidi, Roger Liddle, Pier Carlo Padoan, André Sapir, and Loukas Tsoukalis.

Since September 2009 Research Associate at the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) after being Stavros Costopoulos Research Fellow at ELIAMEP between 2007-2009.

Since 2006 EU Institutional Development Advisor of the Polish think-tank demosEUROPA - Centre for European Strategy in Warsaw. demosEUROPA aims to animate the debate about the main challenges facing the European Union. demosEUROPA, which was established in 2006, wants to be a forum for exchange of opinions about the political, social and economic dimension of European integration and international affairs.

Member of the Venusberg Group, which in March 2009 commenced a project aiming to produce a European Briefing Book on Security and Defence for the next European Parliament (2009-2014). The goal of this project conducted by the Bertelsmann Foundation is to nurture the debate about how the newly elected EP can contribute even stronger to the shaping and implementation of the EU's foreign, security and defence policy.

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