EU Enlargement

Further widening of the EU towards the East and South-East of the continent

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EU@60 Countering a Regressive & Illiberal Europe
Janis A. Emmanouilidis, EPC, Brussels 10/2016

Participation in talkshow
Inside Brüssel, OE III (Inside Brüssel), 11/2015

Reforme se mnogima na Balkanu neće svideti
Marina Maksimović, Deutsche Welle, 11/2014

Ukraine as turning point for Europe?
Andreas Noll, Deutsche Welle, 05/2014

Polska bez Unii. A gdybyśmy 10 lat temu nie weszli do Wspólnoty?
Dziennik (Poland), 05/2014

A decade after enlargement, EU struggles to find direction amid Ukraine crisis
Bernd Riegert, Deutsche Welle, 05/2014

Rozszerzenie Unii: ”kończy się atmosfera balu”
Beata Plomecka, Polskie Radio, 05/2012

European debt crisis and enlargement
See TV (South East Europe TV), 10/2011

Stronger after the crisis – Strategic choices for Europe's way ahead
Janis A. Emmanouilidis and Josef Janning with Rosa Balfour, Hans Martens, Yves Pascouau and Fabian Zuleeg, EPC Strategy Paper, Brussels 06/2011

Presentation of Post-Summit Analysis

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