Between collateral damage and 'iron law'

Janis A. Emmanouilidis

in Greek Review of Political Science, 36, May-November 2012, special issue on the ‘politics of the eurozone crisis’

Athens 11/2012

Janis A. Emmanouilidis published a review article entitled "Between Collateral Damage and ‘Iron Law’" published in a special issue of the Greek Review of Political Science devoted to the ‘politics of the eurozone crisis’.

The article argues that the euro crisis has put European integration to a major test – more profound and more serious than ever before. Beyond the more immediate financial and economic effects, the crisis has inflicted collateral damage: unintended and unexpected consequences at both the national and European level, which could jeopardise not only the EU's ability to manage (and overcome) the current crisis but also its ability to address future internal and external challenges. The article examines four of these consequences: (1) the growing distrust between national capitals and national societies; (2) the widening 'democratic gap' at both EU and national level; (3) the new balance of power and the 'new German question'; and, finally, (4) the acceleration of Europe’s global political and economic marginalisation.

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