Giving Globalisation a European Face

L'Esprit de Sel Group

Group Report

Brussels 05/2008

On 14 May 2008 the members of the L'Esprit de Sel Group, a group invited by Marek Siwiec, Vice-President of the European Parliament, presented a report – Giving Globalisation a European Face – in the European Parliament in Brussels. The report discusses and gives recommendations on how the European Union should react to the multifaceted challenges of globalisation.

The L'Esprit de Sel Group consists of: Carl-Fredrik Bergström, Senior Fellow at the Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies (SIEPS), Lecturer at Stockholm University, Stockholm; Janis A. Emmanouilidis, Costas Stavropoulos Research Fellow, ELIAMEP, Athens; Lykke Fries, Pro-Rector of the University of Copenhagen; Christophe Hillion, Professor of European Law and co-director of the Europa Institute, Leiden University, Leiden; Paul Hofheinz, President of The Lisbon Council, Brussels; Gaetane Ricard-Nihoul, Secretary General of Notre Europe, Paris; Pawel Swieboda, Director of demosEUROPA, Warsaw; and Tamas Szemler, Deputy Director, Institute for World Economy, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest.

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