EPC Update – State of the Union 2022: Charting the way forward at a watershed moment

YouTube, 14.09.2022

Online Briefing

Link to video on YouTube


This EPC Update focused on Ursula von der Leyen's State of the Union speech. In her State of the Union speech, the Commission president assesses previous achievements and sets out her plans for the Union in the year ahead.

How can the EU continue its course towards a greener, fairer and more digital Union while managing the pandemic and the multiple consequences of the war in Ukraine? In light of the escalating energy and cost-of-living crisis, what reforms are needed in the electricity market? Can the REPowerEU plan support the phase-out of Russian fossil fuels effectively while also reinforcing the green transition? What will the EU decide next on sanctions against the Kremlin? What will it do to promote European values and protect the rule of law? How will the Commission respond to the outcome of the Conference on the Future of Europe?

Speakers: Fabian Zuleeg, Chief Executive, European Policy Centre; Janis Emmanouilidis, Director of Studies, European Policy Centre

Moderator: Jacki Davis, Senior Adviser, European Policy Centre

Link to video on YouTube here

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