EU leaders to meet amid deepening crisis

CCTV (China), 28.06.2012


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Creating a clear strategy towards closer fiscal integration and a banking union is expected to top the agenda at a two-day EU leaders' summit starting Thursday in Brussels. […]

Some policy analysts believe the proposals don’t go far enough or will simply take too long to implement.

Janis A. Emmanouilidis, senior analyst of European policy center says, “The problem is will they have an immediate affect on the crisis, and that is difficult to give a proper assessment, but probably not really, so the crisis will drag on unfortunately”.

A concern shared even by the Commission President.

Jose Manuel Barroso says, “We must articulate the vision of where Europe must go and a concrete path for how to get there. I’m not sure that the urgency of this is understood in all the capitals of the European Union”. […]

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