Greek Anti-Austerity Vote Poses Eurozone Danger

Jack Duffy, Forexlive, 26.04.2012


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After France and the Netherlands, is it Greece’s turn to raise an angry fist toward Brussels?

Greek voters go to the polls on May 6 to choose a government to succeed that of the technocrat Lucas Papademos. Opinion polls suggest the vote could be another cry of protest — after the surge in the extreme right in the first round of French presidential elections and the collapse of the Dutch government — against the austerity-dominated policies that have driven most of the Eurozone in recession. […]

"Eight to 10 parties could enter parliament,” said Janis Emmanouilidis, a senior policy analyst at the European Policy Centre in Brussels. "The two main parties may well have a majority, but it will not be very strong, especially given the harsh measures the new government will have to take in the months ahead," Emmanouilidis said. […]

But some analysts, Emmanouilidis of the European Policy Centre among them, suspect that the big protest vote suggested by the opinion polls may not ultimately translate into real votes.

"There is the realization now that Greece’s European partners won’t provide help forever under any circumstances,” Emmanouilidis said. "There is the fear that a Eurozone exit is indeed possible and that fear could give the main parties a boost on May 6."

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