EU Politics and Governance Forum – Inaugural Meeting



Responsible at EPC for the EU Politics and Governance Forum. This Forum monitors and analyses developments in the institutional reform debate, and looks for ways to enrich that debate with innovative thinking about the current and long-term governance of an EU of 27-plus members.

The main aim of the Forum is to make critical and concrete recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of decision-making in the EU and ensure that the Union is equipped with the necessary tools to respond to the challenges of the 21st century.

The Union’s political landscape is shifting, and this is being mirrored in changes to its institutional and decision-making structures. The impact of these changes requires careful assessment. This Forum considers issues ranging from the implications of any new treaty to the efficiency and transparency of the institutional set-up, the accountability of EU decision-makers, and how best to involve the public and civil society actors in the debate over current and future issues facing the Union.

The EU Politics and Governance Forum is chaired by John Wyles, Senior Partner, GPlus Europe

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